Psychological support

It would be difficult to describe a psychological treatment to patients but considering PECTUS described before might be thought that various factors must be taken into account:

The patient

Psychological support

The affected child is a child of PECTUS suffering child and his condition is dependent. If we accept these two characteristics of the patient would recommend the existence of spaces where I could vent their anguish, where he could talk freely about how you feel and also, to talk about their fears and difficulties. Considering that usually their immediate environment tends to share the patient's situation, you might consider creating spaces where kids professionals - as well as other disease entities - find the support and promotes serenity that can not find in their social to put words to their concerns aggravated by the solitude and silence.

The family

The family must be viewed from two perspectives.

  1. As an agent of support and acceptance for the patient.
  2. The potential - and understandable - denial that makes the family the patient's suffering should be addressed. This denial can hijack the patient in his silence and contribute to the alienation that is suffering. It is difficult for the patient to "talk" than its surroundings will not hear. The transgression of this limit is never explicitly contributes to the guilt that many of these patients may live. The question of "why me" look for the cause that leads to punishment - where the genetic condition is not accepted as such..

  3. As people who also suffer from the condition of the patient.
  4. Sometimes we overlook that there is a silent patient behind, beside or around the identified patient. Families are suffering, despair and quiet situation. Unwittingly, they may contribute to alienating the patient and silent, for them and for the patient with pectus, some means of psychological support and means of meeting should be encouraged.

The medical component

Typically, the defendant is PECTUS patient treated surgically.

In some pectus surgery may be dispensable.

In the one case as in the other, medical treatment should take into account the strong psychological component associated with this condition nosological.

As with any pathological condition, the psychological component, doubt, distrust, ignorance and pain undermine the patient's psyche. The medical technician can see objectively the degree of severity of the condition itself, but the patient who suffers from a color it is different from that of technical expert and if it is true that the surgeon has the training necessary to address the psychodynamics of the patient and his environment, it is advisable that at least acknowledged its existence and give license for the expression of it.

In short, pectus excavatum has a number of aesthetic components, anatomical and functional potential contingencies that may affect the status of the sufferer a greater or lesser intensity.

Spaces ventilation situations of anxiety, doubts and fears, shame and isolation should be instituted. Social assistance is recommended by experts in this sector. In their absence, the stimulation of participation in meetings cyber media may be advisable.

The immediate family must be considered as an agent to deal in that role and also under consideration as therapeutic in itself.

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