Pectus Excavatum is hereditary?

There is a genetic predisposition to suffer from these anomalies. Up to 30% of cases no family history. It is not uncommon for several members of a family are operated.

Do you know other causes of Pectus?

The cause is still unknown. There are several hypotheses. The most accepted is that there is an overgrowth of cartilage, sternum and parasternal, probably due to a structural weakness of these, which are deformed by mechanical forces affect them and respiratory diseases..

Does it produce symptoms?

Only cases accentuated that compress the lung and heart could contain physical disorders. Are the most common aesthetic problems. Affected hide malformation, especially on the beaches and pools. This makes them move away from a normal social life, creándole shy and retiring personality.

Can you cure pectus reach without resorting to surgery?

It is very difficult. When the child is young, works little in the physical exercises to improve the pectus. However, it is recommended that a physical approach aimed at strengthening the thoracic musculature. In older children, staff, programs can be tried long and tedious physical exercises combined with breathing exercises positive, but always end up failing for lack of evidence..

You always have to operate the Pectus?

In cases with symptoms, always. The indications for aesthetic must be well assessed and agreed by parents and patient, but experience shows that eventually end up wanting to correct the defect.

Do you have a high risk surgery?

Today, we can consider this surgery as safe and free of mortality.

At what age can you have surgery?

At any age, provided they have symptoms, although the indications for aesthetic problems are wont to do later. The optimum is from 7-8 years, no upper age limit.

Are there serious complications?

None put at serious risk life and can not be solved satisfactorily provided.

Are the results stable in the long term?

The chances of failure are slim if surgery is planned and executed properly. The long-term results are good.

Can you make a normal life after surgery?

In the first weeks after the surgery is taking a series of restrictive measures that are released gradually, reaching a normal life 3 months after surgery.

Are there centers specializing in this type of surgery?

In our country, but there are surgeons with greater dedication to these problems, which are recommended to attend.

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